Workshop Presenter Introductions

The 25th Annual Conference workshop presenters are looking forward to seeing you in Timmins!

click on the thumbnails (images) to begin videos - some are coming soon!

Pre-Conference Workshop - Linda Fairburn Turning Your Transitioning Businesses from Risks to Assets - Alison Anderson & David Crawford & Ken Nakahara
LindaFairburnThumbnail DavidCrawfordandAlisonThumbnail
 How to Attract and Keep Millenials in the Workplace - Michelle Schurter   How to Attract and Keep Millenials in the Workplace - Jenna Morris
MichelleSchurterThumbnail  JennaMorrisThumbnail
BusinessFinancing - Tim Vermeulen Board Leadership - Colleen Miller
TimVermeulenThumbnail ColleenMillerThumbnail
Become an expert in promoting WSPS - Kirsi Henry Insolvency and Restructering - Brenda Wood
 KirsiHenryThumbnail BrendaWoodThumbnail
Generation Exit! - Russ Christianson See you in Timmins!
RussChristiansonThumbnail  Timminsconflogo
 Commercial Real Estate - Sheldon Root Focus on the 90%: A Deeper Dive - Darci Lang
French: The person at the heart of business transfer - Isabelle Déry Government of Canada Priorities - Lori Seeley & Paulette Prentice
Mobile: Discover the Downtown - Noella Rinaldo French: Synergy and organizational performance - Melanie Chevrier
Diversity and Communications in the Workplace - Gail Moorhouse Cyber Security - Danny Timmins
Becoming the Talk of the Town - David Brushey Mentorship and Diversity: Addressing the Rural Employment Challenges - Tania Maximenko & Oliver Pryce