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I want to share some very exciting news with you!

For a very limited time, thanks to support from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, we’re offering FREE access to our social enterprise courses, coaching and membership to any Canadian organizations serving persons living with mental illness. 

These resources can help you explore, start, or expand a social enterprise, and connect to a community of organizations who are all working on their social enterprises.

Please take advantage of this offer before it expires on Dec 31, 2018!  Sign up for what you’d like here.

Some courses you can take advantage of include:

  • Readiness Assessment:how to determine if your org is ready to start an enterprise
  • Opportunity Identification:how to identify the best ideas to pursue for your organization
  • Prototyping:how to build and quickly test a social enterprise idea with potential customers
  • Intro to Business Planning:plan for the investment and risk level for your organization
  • Market research: how to find and interview potential customers, and build your product or service for them.
  • Steps to start-up:a bundle of 8 courses that help you move from idea to action!
  • Plus 85 more!

Attached are some brochures that describe some groupings of courses we have available (and shown below).  You can see them all in our online store as well.  You can access all of this through this offer from MHCC.

AND, you can access social enterprise experts through our coaching sessions.

PLUS, you can access our annual membership which includes a mix of courses, coaching, toolkits, webinars, an online community, discounts and more! 

Please take advantage of this offer before it expires on Dec 31, 2018!  Sign up for what you’d like here.

If you have any questions, please ask!  I'm here to help!



See more info about the Mental Health Commission of Canada here: 

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