February 21, 2008

STRATFORD, Ontario, February 21, 2008 — Perth–Wellington Member of Parliament Gary Schellenberger, on behalf of the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Health and Minister for FedNor, today announced an investment of over $1.24 million, through FedNor, in the Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) of Perth County.  Of the total, $897,500 will go toward the organization’s continued operations over the next three years, while the remaining $350,000 is earmarked to support its investment activities in the region.

Community Futures organizations like the CFDC of Perth County are the cornerstone of our economic development efforts at the community level,” said MP Schellenberger.  “This investment reflects the value that our Government places on both their contributions and those of small and medium-sized businesses in rural Ontario.”

Budget 2007 introduced a number of key initiatives in support of the small business sector, including:

  • reducing the federal paper burden
  • reducing the tax compliance burden
  • introducing tax reductions which will lower Canada’s tax rate on new business investment

CFDCs provide services to support local economic development and small business growth, including: access to capital, business services, community-based projects, and strategic community planning and socio-economic development.

Over the last year, the CFDC of Perth County invested more than $1.45 million in small and medium-sized businesses in the region, resulting in the creation or maintenance of 159 full and part-time jobs, and contributing to an enhanced business community.

“We intend to continue playing a strong role in the development of the regional economy and we look forward to serving the ever-increasing needs of our clients,” said Dave Shearer, Chair of the CFDC of Perth County.  “We are grateful to the Government of Canada for their unwavering support of our activities.”

The Community Futures Development Corporation of Perth County is one of 61 Community Futures Development Corporations in rural and Northern Ontario funded by FedNor’s Community Futures Program.

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For more information, please contact:

Erik Waddell
Press Secretary, Office of the Honourable Tony Clement

Robert Naud
Senior Communications Officer, FedNor
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