Highlights of the OACFDC Board meeting of April 22nd include:  a strong message to FedDev and FedNor on the urgency of communicating the outcomes of the Federal budget to CFDCs as soon as possible; approval of funding requests for TEA X Support, add-on modules and training for CFDCs for 2010 to 2013; and a commitment of $10,000 from the OACFDC Board Fund to update the Conference Board of Canada Report “Assessing the Impact of the CF Lending Program” with 2009 results.  Elections for new Board members to represent the Northeast are underway and the East Region has elected Ms. Betty Hunter for a 3-year term of office.  Thank you to Lisa Taylor for her contributions as the East Region Volunteer Representative.

If you have any questions about items you have read in this update or any other OACFDC activities, please feel free to call our office at 888-633-2326