June 30, 2009

A Peterborough based company is attempting to make the lives of automotive assembly line workers a bit easier.  Installing door hinges are very tedious and oftentimes place the worker in a less- than-ergonomic position, which can have long term effects on the individual.  Steelworks Design Inc, headed by Don and Rhonda Barnet, has worked to change this situation with the creation of the Steelworks “Hinge Jig.

In only 5 years of being in business, Steelworks’ “Hinge Jig” has become a leader in the manufacturing sector providing sound engineering solutions for automotive needs and automotive manufacturing needs for assembly, welding and machinery applications.  The innovative automotive design of the “Hinge Jig” improves the speed and the quality of installation of automotive doors in the Honda assembly plant in Alliston, ON.  This has resulted in a “59-second cycle time” with an 85% increase in the efficiency and quality of assembly at the plant.

Benefits include:  increased manufacturing in skilled trades in Peterborough County; increased efficiency; less fatigue of arms and hands of the worker; and improved quality of the job.  Steelworks aspires to get this technology into five Honda plants around the work within the next two years.

Don & Rhonda Barnet
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