July 25, 2007

South Shore Community Broadband is a not-for-profit organization committed to establishing a community owned broadband network across the Towns of Georgina, East Gwillimbury and Brock Township.  This organization was formed in 2003 when the group was initially seeking funding under Industry Canada's BRAND Program to build a fiber-based community broadband network.  In April 2004, they received notice that their application had not been approved, the group continued to pursue the objective using other technical solutions.

In August 2004, with the assistance of funding from Industry Canada's "Innovation and the Knowledge Based Economy Program" arranged for by South Lake CFDC, the group began the process of doing feasibility study and developing a business plan for the implementation and operation of a scalable wireless broadband network.  This project, completed n the early winter of 2005, identified a wireless technical solution which would achieve the objective, in a far more costs effective manner than the original fiber-based approach.

The project has broken new ground in rural connectivity and has successfully deployed technologies in ways in which even the manufacturers never anticipated they could be used.  Indirectly, the entire Town of Georgina is seeing benefit from the service as the initial client was the Town's administrative centre, which is located in rural portion of Georgina.  The town has been able to reduce their net monthly costs of having the Town offices on-line.  When deployment is complete every business, residence and government and community service in the town will have the potential to utilize the service.

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