January 18, 2005

Maximum Metalworks was created using the talents of the owners of two well-established companies in the motorcycle field.  Combining years of experience, and employing only the most meticulous craftsmen, Maximum Metalworks has come up with an innovative line of frames and accessories.  But many people are unaware of the pride that this company has in its community.

Located in Summerstown, Ontario, Maximum Metalworks is dedicated to manufacturing parts to build custom bikes, and making a positive impact on the local economy.  At Maximum Metalworks, they believe that the parts purchased to build a custom bike have to be beautiful as well as functional.  As people who have built and ridden motorcycles themselves for many years, the owners believe their frames and accessories are sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding custom bike builders.

Maximum Metalworks is a strong believer in contributing to the community.  Not only has this company created 13 full-time positions, but also four more jobs are to be created over the next year.  The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Community Futures Development Corporation helped Maximum Metalworks apply for a scientific research and experimental development tax credit and assisted them with investment financing, which enabled the company to create the four new jobs.

In a small town such as Summerstown, the implications of an initiative such as Maximum Metalworks are widespread.  Currently, all the milling work is outsourced, but training, to be partially funded by the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, will soon enable the company to do the work in-house.  This will again contribute positively to the local economy.

Maximum Metalworks is associated with the Hawkesbury campus of La Cité collégiale, and trains apprentices in the skill of welding.  The partnership with the college is another example of the commitment Maximum Metalworks has to the community.

Since they hire only the most meticulous craftsman, Maximum Metalworks and La Cite collégiale together designed a program where required skills to weld with such perfection was created.  To date, the program has assisted some 12 students, of whom Maximum Metalworks has hired over half; the remaining students were able to obtain employment elsewhere in Stormont Dundas & Glengarry.  Most of these students were previously laid off or mature workers with limited skill sets who would have been unable to find employment elsewhere.

The owners of Maximum Metalworks hired a hearing-impaired young man, who had always been dismissed from previous employers after the 3 month probation period, mainly due to lack of communications with management and staff.  This employee is currently one of the senior employees in the company; not only has his salary improved over the past 24 months, but his personal confidence level, circle of friends and economic contribution to the local community have increased as well.

The recent popularity of other custom bike companies such as Orange County Choppers, makes this an opportune time for Maximum Metalworks.  And others are taking notice of this strong company from a small town.  With representation in numerous motorcycle magazines, as well as newspaper articles, the accolades for Maximum Metalworks speak for themselves.