Two Rivers Community Development Centre

“To Support the Creation, Growth and Maintenance of Aboriginal Business” …is our mission. It’s a simple statement, but a big commitment.

Serving the two First Nations of Six Nations with a band membership of 25,660 and Mississauga of the New Credit with 2,235; Two Rivers CDC began

as one of the first Aboriginal organizations within the Community Futures Program in 1989 as Six Nations/New Credit Community Futures Committee, and Touch the Sky Business Development Centre. In 1997 these entities merged to become Two Rivers Community Development Centre. Our corporate history is one that was forged from the bottom up taking a grassroots approach that was based on collaborative need for coordination of business support service due to the lack of access at the local level to lending, business support and training for local businesses.

Our founding members and organizational partners were visionary and brought skills to the table that were key to getting to the heart of the matter, to document and justify the need for local access to services. Their long term volunteer commitments bolstered the strength and enhanced the credibility of the organization to “get it done.”

Public Perception & Accountability
One important measurement of Two Rivers’ accountability is that we are viewed as a “lender of choice” by many of our returning clients and project partners.

Our board and staff are experienced and skilled individuals selected for their business and marketing experience and most are community members. What that means to the client is access to expertise that is in tune with the local business environment, cultural values and the challenges of business start up.