Press Release
On behalf of the Community Futures Network of Canada and the 268 Community Futures Organizations located in rural areas and territories across Canada, we applaud the Prime Minister’s announcement from Friday, April 17th where $287M dollars have been allocated to the Community Futures Network.
This funding will be allocated towards smaller employers and businesses located in rural parts of the country who do not qualify for the recently announced wage subsidy or loans or still need assistance in managing their operations through these challenging times.
As Canadians work together to limit the spread of COVID-19, the severe financial impacts of the pandemic and physical distancing measures have been particularly challenging for rural communities and the small businesses that they rely on to provide essential goods and services. The loss of one of these businesses in a small community, where there are no other local options, can be devastating. And we know that some of the greatest impacts, in seasonal industries like tourism, are yet to come.
That’s why we are so appreciative of the supports announced today by Prime Minister Trudeau.
The higher operating costs faced by rural small businesses and the smaller markets that they serve mean that the current loss of revenues is felt harder, and that their road to recovery will be longer and more challenging. The funds announced today will go a long way towards making that road easier to travel.

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